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The primary objective of the county-wide Adopt A Shore program is to change attitudes and behavior of the public toward littering Florida’s waterways and shorelines and protecting natural marine resources through the use of volunteer litter removal groups. This objective will be attained by instilling a reinforcement and public recognition of their efforts expressed by signs. The attitude of the general public will be modified by observing groups at work and by seeing cleaner areas and recognition signs.


Adopt a Shore Litter Removal Form

Adopt A Shore Agreement

Current Groups/Available Beaches


Conditions of Adoption


  • Any civic or service group, organization, business or corporation willing to assume the responsibility for removing litter from a specified area of shoreline is eligible. For these purposes, a shoreline will be defined as a beach, marsh, estuary, boat ramp, lake shore, river, stream, creek or reef.
  • Adopters must sign the Adopt A Shore three-way agreement between the adopting group, the property owner (private owner or association; federal, state, county or city government) and Keep Lee County Beautiful. Where a group has already established a program for shoreline areas and/or enlisted the assistance of the public to maintain such areas, the Adopt A Shore program will honor any existing agreements whether written, verbal or other and merge such agreement into the Adopt A Shore program upon receipt of verification of the aforementioned agreement.
  • Available areas for adoption should generally equal, at a minimum, one mile in length (except for reefs, boat ramps, and areas only accessible by boat). If larger groups want to adopt a greater area, it will be allowed. Conversely, adopters may share area if one mile is too great.
  • Adopters should plan a minimum of four cleanups per year.
  • Adopters will be responsible for sending the completed report form to Keep Lee County Beautiful within one week following each clean up.
  • Adopters will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with safety requirements and observing them during cleanups.
  • Site selection, timing and cleanup should be coordinated with appropriate resource management officials. Shorebird nesting areas should not be cleaned during the pre-nesting and nesting seasons. Activities should also not interfere with sea turtle nesting. Local coordinators should ensure that groups are properly briefed regarding specific local animal or marine life prior to cleanup activities.



Safety Requirements


These safety requirements are provided for groups participating in the Adopt A Shore litter removal program. Enforcement of these safety requirements is the responsibility of the group’s representative.


  • No horseplay of any type will be tolerated.
  • No intoxicating liquid, beverage or illegal drugs will be allowed during the cleanup.
  • Remove litter during daylight hours only.
  • Remove litter during good weather conditions only.
  • An adequate supply of drinking water should be readily available.
  • Persons participating should wear gloves, appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • A good pair of sunglasses, cap and sunblock should be considered.
  • Avoid suspected toxic/hazardous substances, poison ivy, poison oak, noxious weeds; areas where herbicides were applied recently; places where snakes, fire ants, jellyfish, crabs, or other dangerous species may be located. Immediately report any toxic/hazardous substances to appropriate local authorities.



In Case of Emergency


Every crew should possess an adequate first aid kit.

Know the route from the cleanup site to the nearest emergency center or hospital in case of serious injury.

Have transportation immediately available at the closest access point.



Structure of Adopt A Shore


Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc.


The executive Director is responsible for promoting the program on a local level. These


Responsibilities include:


  • Distributing promotional materials provided by Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc.
  • Assisting volunteers in getting trash bag sponsors.
  • Recruiting volunteers.
  • Arranging local press coverage.
  • Working with local governments on implementing the program.

Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. | PO Box 9244, Fort Myers, FL  33902-9244 | (239) 334-3488 | Fax (239) 791-1070

1560 Matthew Drive, Unit C | Fort Myers, Florida 33907