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Help send a message to Lee County citizens by producing a full-color drawing or painting on the theme of “Leave The Scene Clean.”  Students will visualize a correct environmental action and transfer that mental picture into a work of art.  Possible ways of expanding on this theme could include:  litter prevention, clean-up campaigns, beautification efforts such as landscaping and tree planting, protecting the environment, and recycling.  Thirteen first place winners, one from each grade 1 through 12 and an overall winner will be selected.


AWARDS: Award Ceremony to be held in fall 2020 (date to be announced).


JUDGES: Special committee of KLCB.


Click here for a complete list of winners



We invite five judges from the community, including a Lee County School District member, to select our winners.  While judging, they are not permitted to look at the back of the entries keeping it completely anonymous.


“Thank you for allowing me to be a judge for the Keep Lee County Beautiful "Leave the Scene Clean" calendar contest these past two years. I am in awe of the artistic talent of students in grades 1-12. The other judges and I have a difficult time narrowing it down and selecting just the top four drawings from each grade level as finalists. I hope to participate again in the years to come.”

                                                                                 Connie Ramos-Williams. President, CMO

                                                                                 CONRIC PR & Marketing



  1.  Deadline for entries is April 22, 2019.  (Winners will be announced by mid May)

  2.  Each entry MUST HAVE completed Entry Form TAPED ONLY to back side.

  3.  Only ORIGINAL artwork with ORIGINAL CONTENT will be accepted.

  4.  Artwork should be in full color.

  5.  HORIZONTAL formats only.  SIZE between 11” x 8.5” and 17” x 11”.

  6.  No mats or frames (they will be removed).

  7.  No more than 2 entries per person.

  8.  No 3-dimensional (sculpture, bas relief) entries.


Artwork is to be mailed via (Pony Express) to

Lee County School District

c/o Susie Hassett




Dropped Off at the KLCB office

 1560 Matthew Drive, Unit C

Fort Myers, FL  33907


What the judges Are looking for

Leave the Scene Clean

Keep Lee County Beautiful

Native Animals

Vibrant / Strong Colors (little white space)

 Horizontal designs

 Unique ideas






What the judges Are Not looking for

Leave the Sea Clean

Negative messages

Non-native animals

No Brand Names (use soda vs. coke)

Vertical designs

Copies from previous calendars


Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. | PO Box 9244, Fort Myers, FL  33902-9244 | (239) 334-3488

1560 Matthew Drive, Unit C | Fort Myers, Florida 33907