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Mangroves perform two vital roles; they serve as a nursery for a vast number of sea creatures such as tarpon and wading birds and they also serve as a barrier against storm surges, erosion and hurricanes. Unfortunately, modern development and storm damage is destroying mangrove forests at alarming rates.

As part of the International Coastal Cleanup, KLCB is partnering  with local businesses and organizations to host a hands-on outdoor education and restoration experience.  We intend to plant 10,000 red mangrove propagules on State lands that are in need of some shoreline stabilization.


Volunteers will:


Meet at check-in location no later than 8:30 AM

Canoe/kayak/SUP 1.4 miles from the launch site to the restoration location or take a short boat ride to the restoration site

Need to wear adequate footwear (there may be oysters or other sharp objects near the restoration area)

Bring sun protection (September can still be quite warm, a hat is recommended)

Canoe/kayak/SUP 1.4 miles from the restoration location back to the launch site


KLCB will:


instruct on the proper planting of propagules and provide a T-shirt and water bottle to all registered volunteers

Lunch will be provided back at the launch site immediately follow the planting project to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all registered volunteers!


*Small boats may be launched at the public boat launch on Burnt store road, 2.3 miles by water from the restoration site (.9 miles west then 1.4 miles north to the tent location)



September 23, 2017

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2016 Mangrove Mania Sponsorship


Northwest Cape Coral Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. | PO Box 9244, Fort Myers, FL  33902-9244 | (239) 334-3488 | Fax (239) 791-1070

1560 Matthew Drive, Unit C | Fort Myers, Florida 33907