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Adopt A Shore

To change attitudes and behavior of the public toward littering Florida’s waterways and shorelines and protecting natural marine resources through the use of volunteer litter removal groups.


Cigarette Litter Prevention

When it ends up on the ground and not in a receptacle, a cigarette butt is litter. KLCB is working in communities throughout Lee County to combat this problem.


Leave Only Your Footprints

Turn the tide on trash at our local beaches and help KLCB, the Town of Ft. Myers Beach and the Southwest Florida Marine Industries Association urge beach goers to “leave only your footprints”.


Leave the Scene Clean Calendar Art Contest

Help send a yearlong message to Lee County citizens by producing a drawing or painting on the theme of "Leave The Scene Clean."


Litter Lookout Program

Report littering motorists by filling out a report sheet and calling, faxing or mailing it in to Keep Lee County Beautiful.



Recycling Information

Recycling mines valuable materials out of garbage to make new products. That's what makes it one of the oldest environmental practices and one of the most beneficial


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