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What you can do to protect our local streams, rivers, lakes, bays and the waterways of Lee County.


The storm drain marking project is an outreach campaign to improve the water quality of Lee County’s waterways by alerting people that storm water entering the drains DOES NOT go to a waste treatment plant but empties DIRECTLY into the streams, rivers, lakes and bays. The markers are just one way to prevent trash and pollution from entering Lee County’s waterways.


Storm drains are designed to prevent flooding of roads and neighborhoods by carrying rain away from streets and sidewalks. Unlike water from our taps and tub, water flowing into storm drains is NOT treated. Trash, pet waste, motor oil, paint and other materials dumped or washed into storm drains pollute our waterways and ultimately, the waters of our beaches. Markers on each storm drain remind us all to keep storm drains and our waterways clean and free of debris.


Opportunities to Volunteer

Opportunities to volunteer are available at any time just by contacting Keep Lee County Beautiful at


We encourage everyone to take part in the Storm Drain Marking Project to help protect the water quality of Lee County’s waterways.


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Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. | PO Box 9244, Fort Myers, FL  33902-9244 | (239) 334-3488

1560 Matthew Drive, Unit C | Fort Myers, Florida 33907